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  • Be loved for 48 years in Japan.
    Be loved for 48 years in Japan.
    Born in 1973, Azukibar has been loved with the natural goodness of the Azuki red bean and delivering smiles for everyone. In 2020, Azukibar hit 292 million sold in Japan.
  • Bite sized Japan.
    Bite sized Japan.
    We made Japanese desserts into ice cream, while remaining the taste and uniqueness of originals.
  • Halal Certificated.
    Halal Certificated.
    For everyone's smiles, Azukibar has obtained halal certification by JAKIM.
120+ years, delivering smiles for everyone.

Imuraya Group have been creating unique and healthy Japanese-style confectioneries by utilizing Azuki as one of their main ingredients since 1896.

120+ years, delivering smiles for everyone
Create a smile from its enjoyment.

We commit ourselves to creating everyone's smile from unique Japanese products.
All our products produced in Malaysia are tailored to Malaysian preference for everyone's smiles without concern.

Create a smile from its enjoyment

What is a SUGO-I moment by AZUKIBAR?

  • Bringing premium relaxing time
    Bringing premium relaxing time

    AZUKI Bar’s long-lasting texture and authentic taste make your relaxation time to be more leisurely and luxurious. Ensuring a special moment of enjoyment and smile.

  • Healthy, guilt-free indulgence
    Healthy, guilt-free indulgence

    Japanese quality that is fun and healthy to enjoy, transforming to the relaxing moment without guilt.
    Azuki is widely known as a healthy ingredient which is good for beauty and detox in Japan.

  • Grab your favourite for adventure
    Grab your favourite for adventure

    Using authentic recipe from Japan with carefully selected ingredient, we could successfully recreate the real Japanese taste.
    Feeling like you're in Japan anytime, anywhere.

  • Fancy and special package
    Fancy and special package

    AZUKIBAR is wrapped with a special package which is exclusively designed for the Malaysian edition.
    Offering to the joy of choosing "Kawaii (cute)" packages from the freezer.

  • ※Allergen

    Matcha and Milk contain milk.
    All flavours may contain egg, milk, peanut, soya, nut and wheat.


  • AZUKIBAR Red bean / 70ml
    AZUKIBAR Red bean / 70ml

    Red bean Ice confection bar cooked with Japanese authentic recipe.
    Enjoy genuine taste of AZUKI with a long-lasting texture, that make you smile!

    ✓No food additive

  • AZUKIBAR Matcha / 70ml
    AZUKIBAR Matcha / 70ml

    Matcha Ice cream bar filled with Azuki red bean paste.
    Enjoy the perfect blend of rich Kyoto Uji-matcha and Azuki that makes you smile!

  • AZUKIBAR Milk / 70ml
    AZUKIBAR Milk / 70ml

    Milk Ice cream bar filled with Azuki red bean paste.
    Enjoy the perfect blend of creamy milk and Azuki red bean that makes you smile! 


Imuraya Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Unit 32-01, Level 32, Tower B,The Vertical Corporate Towers, Avenue 10, Bangsar South, No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
  • Company No : 201901044199 (1353529X)
  • Established date : December 2019

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